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"More Than A Feeling": Will Boston Close Out The "Great White Buffalo"? Friday Night's Open Thread

Can the Boston Bruins complete the miracle and finish off Ryan Miller and the Buffalo Sabres?  Few experts gave the baby bears any chance in this series but they have played like they were the favorites right from the start.   Poor Lindy Ruff's head might explode if something positive doesn't happen for him tonight in the "City of Light".

The Washington Capitals look to put the Montreal Habs out of their misery in DC.  There is no truth to the rumor that Norris candidate Mike Green is a healthy scratch.

The Gary Bettman led NHL conspiracy continues tonight in Vancouver.  During the game, be on the look out for two green men doing handstands, dancing weirdly, and knocking over beers alongside the visitor's penalty box area.  Where is Tie Domi when you need him?

The Coyotes and Red Wings will also battle it out in a crucial game five in Phoenix.