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Hurricanes Acquire Jared Staal

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The Carolina Hurricanes just announced the acquisition of Jared Staal from the Phoenix Coyotes in exchange for a fifth round draft pick in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft.   The youngest of the four Staal brothers was originally drafted in the second round by the Coyotes, with the 49th overall pick in the 2008 Draft.

The winger has played four years and 249 games for Sudbury in the OHL.  He scored a total of 54 goals and had 99 assists in his four year career.  Jim Rutherford had the following to say about the move.

"While Jared has yet to reach his full potential, we believe his upside gives him a chance play at the NHL level in the future," said Rutherford. "This could be an ideal situation for Jared, to continue his development in the same system as his oldest brother, Eric." 

Anytime you can acquire a second round pick for a fifth rounder, you can't complain.  While Staal is a bit away from playing in the NHL, this move is a good one for Charlotte, who now has another familiar name to market. 

Upcoming training camp keeps getting more and more interesting.

((UPDATE:))  The youngest Staal had not been signed yet by Phoenix and will reenter the draft if he does not have a contract by June 1.  But obviously, the Canes would not have dealt for him if they didn't think they could sign him.

The fifth round pick used in the deal was obtained from Nashville as compensation for not being able to sign Darcy Hordichuk in 2008.  Carolina had originally given Nashville a fifth rounder, (for 2009), for Hordichuk's rights, but  in affect had the pick returned, (albeit a year later) when the deal went sour.