Hockey Questions

Now don't ya'll laugh at these questions. :) I've only been a fan of hockey/ the 'Canes for the past 5 years. As many of you know hockey wasn't/isn't big in the South so I wasn't raised on it. I've only been able to follow the 'Canes online and an occasional game on TV until this past season when I got Center Ice. I've watched A LOT of hockey this winter that's for sure. LOL And that has left me with 2 burning questions I want to ask more "seasoned" hockey fans, so here goes....

1. Why are the players ALWAYS spitting? Seems to me they should look like shrivled up prunes by the end of a game with all the spitting they do. LOL

2. Why in the hell do fans beat on the glass during games? I believe it's the dumbest thing I've ever seen. What is the point of it?

So, there they are, my two biggest questions about hockey. :)