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Sunday Morning Updates and Quick Hits

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Game one of the Stanley Cup Finals is in the books and the Flyers look like they might be trouble.  Michael Leighton played like the "Carolina Version" last night, although he did not get much help on defense from his 'mates.  In the meantime, Chicago did not get any points out of their top guns Toews and Kane and still scored six goals.  Those two won't go scoreless forever.

Quote of the night on Twitter:  "I went to a Stanley Cup Final last night and an All Star game broke out!"


Community Guidelines and User's Guides:


It's been a long time coming, but we have finally completed some Community Guidelines.  Please read them when you get the chance.  The sudden completion of these rules does not necessarily mean that people are doing something wrong, or anything in particular needs to change.  For the most part, our threads and commenting have run very smoothly here, but some people have been asking what is allowed and what is not allowed and these guidelines spell it out.

If anyone has suggestions or comments related to these, feel free to let us know.

I have also completed a User's Guide to Commenting.  I think the most important note here is that if you fill in the subject line when you post a picture, it allows other users to minimize it if they choose.  This can be very important when we have our long threads which get up to 800 or 900 comments long, so PLEASE do this if you post a picture or photo. 

I'm still working on the User's Guide to Fanposts and Fanshots and will complete those soon.  All of these can be found under the "General Information" headline on the left sidebar.

Draft Combines Wrap up:


The draft combines were ongoing last week and created a lot of buzz. has an interesting report here.  The New England Hockey Journal was following a few local prospects and was sharing their experiences.  The interview process sounds like a real trip.  One question:  What would you rather be, a painter or a bank robber?   

Now that the combines are over, look for the final prospect ratings and draft projections to start making their way to the internet.  The print version of The Hockey News last week had defenseman Brandon Gormley falling to number seven.  The final ISS Draft Guide had the Canes drafting Vladimir Tarasenko with their top pick.  The Russian performed surprisingly well at the combines.

After the top two selections of Hall and Seguin, predictions for the following picks have been all over the map so this draft will be very interesting.  Of course in the coming days, we will be discussing this in much more detail on the blog and Cory and I will be doing our own mock drafts.  We will also be looking more closely at the players rated at 30 to 60 since the Canes currently have three picks in that slot. Stay tuned...


"Stadium Journey" Visits RBC


The website "Stadium Journey" posts reviews about arenas and venues used throughout major league sports.  It's worth a look if you ever plan on attending an event in an arena you are not familiar with.

As Murphy's Law would dictate, their review of the RBC Center unfortunately occurred during one of the lowest attended Hurricanes games ever, the late January game last season against the Blackhawks during which there was a snow storm.  The reviewer still gave the crowd some props though and he was impressed with the RBC Center overall.  To check out the review, click here.    

The website's management is requesting that if anyone has anything more to add or more tips for fans coming to the RBC, please leave your comments under their review.