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Drayson Bowman, "I firmly believe that I can play up there."

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Drayson Bowman playing for the Carolina Hurricanes during the 2009-10 season. (photo by LTD)

Drayson Bowman made both his AHL and NHL debuts this past season.  In nine games with the Carolina Hurricanes, the forward had 2 goals and just 2 points, but he was a point a game player in the AHL.  Because of injuries, Bowman only appeared in 36 regular season games for the Albany River Rats, but he scored 17 goals and chipped in with 15 assists for a total of 32 points for the club.

In the playoffs, he had 3 goals and 6 assists for 9 points in eight games played.  The 6 assists led the team.  

I spoke briefly with Bowman on April 29, after the Rats were eliminated from the playoffs by the Hershey Bears.

Q:  What can you take away from a series like this one, and what are your feelings about your season in general?

A:  It's disappointing obviously, we were right there every game.  We were leading in each third period, but at the end of the day you have to hold those leads in the playoffs.   As far as the season goes, I feel pretty positive.  I played pretty well.  A lot of the guys had a chance to play up in Carolina, which is good.  But we just couldn't quite put it together in the second round of the playoffs.

Q:  Do you have any specific goals for next season and what will you be working on the most during the offseason?

A:  My goal for next year is to make the team in Carolina.  I firmly believe that I can play up there if they give me a chance and I'm hoping at training camp I will get one.  But I know I will have to produce.

I pretty much know as a professional what it takes to keep in top shape and that's what I'll be working on during the offseason.  I'll be working hard on my conditioning and especially will try to get stronger legs so that I can be quicker and be stronger on the puck.  I'll be spending most of my offseason back home in Denver, but plan to come to Raleigh early before the preseason so I can get some skating in and work out with the guys.