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B's @ Flyers, Hawks @ 'Nucks, & Idol's down to Four: Wednesday's Open Thread

Many gripping stories of skill and competition will play out tonight on your television dial.

7:00 PM on Versus

PHILADELPHIA - Will Peter Laviolette's Flyers, hampered by injuries, refuse to lose tonight, and find a way to finally beat (up) the Bruins, who are up 2-0 in the series? Will Dan Carcillo and Marc Savard continue their exchange of biting remarks? 


9:30 PM on Versus

VANCOUVER - Will Patrick Kane, Kris Versteeg and the rest of the Blackhawks show up before the third period at last, while outside GM Place, the city of Vancouver collects dimes for Cabbie Safety? Will those Swedish Twin(kie) Canucks leave Antti Niemi seeing double, while Roberto Luongo sees Nuttin-but-Byfuglien?  And will we see the mischievous green men joined by the mayor? This series is tied at 1.


9:00 PM on FOX

HOLLYWOOD - And at the Kodak Theatre on historic Hollywood Boulevard, who will be voted off the show tonight and who will remain to sing another week as American Idol goes to the Final Four

THIS - is your Wednesday thread.....