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Justin "Pete Dawg" Peters Gets Nod Over Legace

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Carolina Hurricanes back up goalie, Justin Peters. (photo by LTD)

Canes Now is reporting that Justin Peters will be the back up goalie for the Carolina Hurricanes next season.  Peters is a restricted free agent who was drafted by the team in the second round in 2004 when the NHL Draft was in Raleigh.

Manny Legace will now make himself available as a free agent on July 1, although it was reported earlier that he might be interested in playing in Russia.  Legace did a very nice job for the Hurricanes last year and earned the team's only shutout of the season.

The decision now allows Mike Murphy and Justin Pogge to battle for playing time in Charlotte.

The major question in all of this is if Cam Ward gets injured again, the Canes will either have to bring up one of the youngsters from Charlotte to back up Peters, or look on the market like they did when they signed Legace last November.  Will Ward's back hold up?

In the meantime Peters still needs a new contract, but that is probably a minor detail at this point.