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Cards of the Week: Gleason Auto, Cole Rookie, and More

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Canes Country reader James emailed us quite a few cards to take a look at.  Let's start off with a Tim Gleason autograph from the 2009-10 BAP collection.


Next up, Erik Cole, Zach Boychuk, Eric Staal, and Rod Brind`Amour.

This Erik Cole rookie card is from 2002.  Check out his draft day haircut on the back of the card. 



James also sent a combo jersey card with portions of sweaters from Eric Staal and Rod Brind`Amour on one side and Vincent Lecavalier and Martin St. Louis on the other.  Here we see the Staal and Brindy side.  


Lastly, James sends us his favorite card, a Zach Boychuk Black Diamond rookie.


Many thanks to James for sharing those with us.