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Should Hurricanes Make "Big Play" For Tyler Seguin?

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There has been a lot of speculation from fans and local sports writers alike about the possibility of the Carolina Hurricanes trading up in the draft so that they can acquire the second overall pick from the Boston Bruins.

The Edmonton Oilers will almost certainly select Taylor Hall with the first pick. And don't believe the rumors that GM Steve Tambellini would be open to offers for that pick. Hall and Edmonton prospect Jordan Eberle already have shown tremendous chemistry playing together in the WJC's. It would be way too costly to pry Hall away from the Oilers.

But what about the Boston Bruins at number two, the team next in line to select Plymouth Whalers' blue chip, Tyler Seguin?

While Boston GM Peter Chiarelli has made it clear that he is not very interested in trading that pick, perhaps the Hurricanes could make him an offer that he can not refuse?

Although let's face it, a couple of second rounders, a third rounder or two, and/or a roster player is not going to get the job done. Boston has upcoming cap problems and can not afford to take on any more salary unless they have to, so any roster player Carolina has to offer is more than likely not even going to be considered by them.

Multiple second rounders and third rounders will not equal the talent of Seguin's ilk and those won't get the job done either.

So what does Carolina have that Boston might be interested in? How about next year's first round pick, in addition to this year's seventh overall?

That price is very high, perhaps too high for Carolina to even consider. Two first round draft picks for one player is indeed steep. But Seguin is as close to a sure thing as there can be in any draft.

Let's look at the young center's numbers again. He scored 48 goals and had 58 assists for a total of 106 points in just 63 games. The ISS Draft Guide described him as being "a pro level competitor with red hot skill who will make fans sizzle with excitement."

Why might Boston be willing to consider a proposal? First of all, Seguin will be an expensive signing, probably demanding bonus amounts which could put his cap number well over $3 million. For instance, both Steven Stamkos and John Tavares have cap numbers of $3.75 million.

Boston is projected to be so tight against the cap this season that they are probably going to have to trade RFA Blake Wheeler because they won't have room to sign him.

Also, the Bruins are already loaded at center. Marc Savard, David Krejci, and Patrice Bergeron make a very strong trio at the position.

If they make the trade, the newly drafted player at number seven will not require such a large contract, and might not even make their team. It could save the Bruins almost $4 million of cap space this year.

It's obvious why the Hurricanes would love to have Seguin. With Eric Staal, Brandon Sutter, and Seguin, they would have an extremely strong middle of the ice for many years to come. Plus, the star would excite the fanbase and help sell more tickets. He might even help the team win a few more games as well.

The big question is, if the Hurricanes offer up two first round draft picks, is that too much? It is a big gamble, but it's a big gamble for both teams. Anything could happen next year. If the Canes finish near last in the league, it will turn out to be a great deal for Boston and Caniacs will probably be hanging their heads like Toronto fans are right now. But if Carolina can finish near the middle of the pack or higher, the deal would be in their favor.

Should the Canes gamble with their future to acquire that pick?