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Wednesday Updates: Karmanos is Optimistic, Brind`Amour Looks to Return

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The News and Observer has a couple of recent stories which are of interest. 

Canes Now is reporting that owner Peter Karmanos feels that there is an "excellent possibility" he will be able to sell a portion of the team to a local, (or local group) of investors.   In a special, apparently exclusive meeting with the owner, it was revealed to N&O staff that he hoped to have a deal completed within two to three months.

Here is another article from Canes Now concerning the subject of how the Hurricanes will need to cut salary and save money, at last in the coming year.  Would local ownership help to reverse this philosophy?


The N&O also caught up with former Hurricanes captain Rod Brind`Amour and the center spoke a bit about his plans to return next season.  He also stated that if the Canes buy him out, he would try to find another team to play for, (although that would not be a desirable option for him).

"I know that because I'm 39, we all know that's getting to the end, but if you look back to even the summer before this last year, I was in the best shape on the team. Age, to me, isn't the determining factor. Obviously, the ability to play, the role you have, all these things come into play.

"At the end of the day, we all know - you, me, everyone that knows anything about hockey - that this is coming to the end. I never planned to play past the end of my contract. ... In my head, it's always been that way."

While Brind'Amour was in tip top shape at the start of last season, he also finished near the bottom of the league for the past two consecutive years with a combined plus/minus of (-52) and produced the lowest point output of his career last season, (9 goals, 10 assists).  There are certainly several factors in play here.


Paul Branecky of also posted an update about the Jiri Tlusty signing.  As some of you wondered, the young forward is now waiver eligible and would have to clear waivers if the Hurricanes reassigned him. That further explains the meaning behind the one-way contract Tlusty recently signed.

Also of note, Tlusty had knee surgery but is expected to be fully recovered next fall.