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Canes Country Radio, NHL Entry Draft Edition - Open Thread

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The Carolina Hurricanes re-sign Jerome Samson to a two year, two-way contract. (photo by LTD)

As I mentioned in the Sunday News, tonight Cory, Hockeymom, and I will be giving Blog Talk Radio another go.  We did not have time to set things up with our friend Brian LeBlanc of Puck Drops, so we will be calling in from the comfort of our "home offices" to answer questions and chat about the abundance of current events in the NHL. 

Starting at 8 p.m. you may call in to the show, (1-347-994-1881), or if you have a microphone with your computer you should be able to log in and communicate with us that way.  Follow the link below for more information.

Canes Country Radio - Draft Edition

Of course the easiest thing to do is to just listen in and leave questions and comments here in the Open Thread.  We will answer as many questions as we have time for.

Some possible topics include:

How will the latest trade sending Nathan Horton to Boston affect the Draft?  Will Florida now choose a forward with the third overall pick?

Now that the NHLPA approved the increase, the salary cap is expected to be $59 million next season.  That means the Canes have to spend at least $43 million. 

Who will be the best player available for the Canes at number seven?

Jerome Samson signed a two-way, two year contract for $500,000/105,000 for year one and $525,000/105,000 for year two.  Good deal or bad?