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Canes Country Draft Day Poll: Who's it gonna be?

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It's been a long time coming since last November, as the high hopes for the Hurricanes 2009-10 season slowly dwindled before our eyes. It was then that those of us looking for a silver lining first started to think that the 2010 NHL Entry Draft might be the reward for such misery.

While we're not likely to see Tyler or Taylor on the team anytime soon, judging from the buzz this morning, the Caniac Nation is very excited by the young prospect who will don the Sightless Eye for the first time tonight. You've seen them, you've read more about teenage hockey players than ever before, and you've debated at length the "Who's" and the "Why's". Now it's time to make the call.

Keep in mind, the question is NOT who do you want them to select. We're asking you to tell us whose name do you predict the Hurricanes will call tonight when they stand up to announce the #7 Pick of the 2010 NHL entry draft?