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Rod Brind`Amour Decision Looms

Carolina Hurricanes GM and President Jim Rutherford said today that Rod Brind`Amour had not been placed on waivers.....yet. The team needs to make a decision very soon about whether they are going to buy out the former captain's contract or not. Apparently, if they do buy him out, he will be placed on waivers tomorrow.

Canes Now did a nice job of clearing up some confusion on the internet about the necessary timing of it all. Several people thought that a player had to be placed on waivers by noon today in order to be bought out tomorrow, but apparently there is a loophole regarding that rule.

If there is one thing I know about the CBA, it is filled with loopholes.

Today was an active one for the waiver wire though as several teams unloaded players suspected of being candidates for buyouts.

Edmonton captain Ethan Moreau was on the list.

More names after the jump:

The Oilers also waived Patrick O`Sullivan and Robert Nilsson. The Lightning waived bye to Todd Fedoruk. The Rangers did the same with Donald Brashear, Aaron Voros, and Patrick Rissmiller.

With Brashear and Laraques now without teams, does this mark the end of the role of enforcers as we know it today? That is another topic for another day.

Previously waived players include Jonathan Cheechoo, Ales Kotalik, and Jim Vandermeer.

In other news:

Marc Staal and the New York Rangers appear to be miles apart in their contract discussions. Many people are talking about possible offer sheets for the defenseman, but Staal would not come cheap. Depending upon the size of the contract, the Canes would have to offer New York multiple draft picks in compensation.

But before you think that Jim Rutherford would be much too conservative to ever try giving up several high draft picks for just a single player, keep in mind that in 1994 he did trade three number one picks to the Boston Bruins for Glen Wesley, and he never regretted making that deal.

Making a play for Marc Staal would be a longshot, but crazier things have happened. Too bad there is a budget! (Won't be the last time we say that this year.)

Bobby Ryan is also a target of some teams out in Anaheim.

What do you think the Canes should do about Rod Brind'Amour?