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Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

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As most of you probably know, for the past four years I have been using pseudonyms while writing here at Canes Country.  I had several reasons for doing so, all of which I felt were legitimate.  Although admittedly, my choice of names were not the greatest.  I started off with a nickname, then transitioned to a family maiden name, (which happened to be the exact same name as a prominent person in hockey broadcasting), then most recently I used an Ellis Island variation of my name. 

Those folk who have corresponded with me personally and worked with me, have known my real name and many of the rest of you have seen it around other sites that I have written for.  So, it's beyond the time to be consistent and just use my real name on the blog as well. 

When I first started Canes Country, I had no idea it would evolve the way it did.  But now as we continue to work with players, various club personnel, and outside mainstream media, as manager and primary person responsible for content on the site I think that I owe it to them as well as to our readers to be more consistent and accountable with what I am doing.  (That and we finally changed our family home phone number to an "unlisted" one).

This decision in no way indicates that I have a certain stance or position regarding anyone else who blogs or who manages a blog.  I have always felt very strongly that each individual should be free to do what they feel comfortable doing and I have not changed my mind about that.  But I feel this is the right decision for me at this time.  

I sincerely apologize for any confusion that using the pseudonyms might have caused.