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Monday's Quickies - Ray Whitney to Test Market?

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Some quick thoughts for a Monday afternoon....

SB Nation has just released a few brand new blogging and sporting news websites called "Regional Hubs".  This is a great concept which will incorporate all sports news from a local region on one site.  Last night, they officially opened six sites and will continue to open a couple each few days this month until they reach their initial target of 20.  (Carolina is not presently included, but top people are working on that.  Give me time). 

So far, they have blogging hubs for Washington DC, Arizona, Boston, Chicago, New York, and Detroit.  In the near future, look for hubs in Houston, Dallas, Kansas City, St. Louis, Minnesota, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, Seattle, and the Bay Area.  Should Carolina be in the mix?  What do you think?


Canes Now is reporting that Ray Whitney and Jim Rutherford are apparently too far apart in their negotiations for a new Whitney contract.   Here is an interesting quote from the article:

Before the March 3 trade deadline, the Canes fielded trade offers for Whitney. But Whitney had a no-trade clause in his contract and opted to stay with the team, finishing third in points with 58 (21 goals, 37 assists).

Is Rutherford bluffing concerning the negotiations, or are Whitney's days of wearing the sightless eye over and done?  You never know with Rutherford, but this falls into line with what owner Peter Karmanos said last week about cutting the budget.  There is not much room for Whitney if they truly want to cut $15 million and it only makes sense for the talented winger to see what he is worth on the open market before accepting a low offer.