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Day One in Review - Day Two Open Thread

There were several deals made and contracts signed on the opening of free agency, but there are still players out there to be had.  The Hurricanes added Anton Babchuk, a defenseman the club said they would probably bring back.  They also signed Jonathan Matsumoto to a two year deal, making that seventh round pick they gave up for him look like a bargain right now.  

Most likely the Canes are about done, but you never know.

Ray Whitney and Matt Cullen both moved on, Whitney to the desert in Phoenix, and Cullen to his home in Minnesota.  We wish both Carolina Cup winners the best.

So, what team made the best upgrade on day one?

The Pittsburgh Penguins certainly didn't hurt themselves when they signed two top-notch defensemen.  Paul Martin and highly sought after Zbynek Michalek will both be patrolling the Pens blueline, but they did not come cheaply. 

I can't help but like some of the moves the Thrashers have made.  Andrew Ladd and Dustin Byfuglien can be beasts when they put their minds to it and Chris Mason is an upgrade in goal.  

There were a couple of head scratchers.  Andrew Raycroft will be backing up Kari Lehtonen in Dallas?  That has disaster written all over it.

And Olli Jokinen is going back to Calgary? 

Things could always be worse, Caniacs!

Feel free to discuss yesterday and today's events in this open thread.