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2011 NHL All Star Game Logo Revealed

2011 NHL All Star Game Logo from <a href="|CAR|home" target="new"></a>
2011 NHL All Star Game Logo from

In a brief press conference on Monday afternoon at the RBC Plaza in downtown Raleigh,  Jim Rutherford revealed the brand new 2011 NHL All Star Game logo.  Rutherford was very pleased with the logo in that it included features that Caniacs would appreciate and relate to.

Here is a description behind the league's design:

"The primary color of the logo is a tribute to the Hurricanes and their legion of fans, the ‘Caniacs,’ who display their team pride by wearing red during home games at the RBC Center. Also, the holding shape is consistent with the Hurricanes’ primary logo. With the 2011 NHL All-Star Game being played in the state capital of North Carolina, Raleigh, and the popularity of the Hurricanes stretching well beyond the Triangle, inspiration for the banners along the top and bottom of the logo is derived from the official flag of the state of North Carolina."  

The RBC Plaza will be hanging a 5,000 square foot window treatment along the Fayetteville Street side of the building starting this weekend in time for "Raleigh Wide Open" on Saturday.  All Star merchandise will be available for sale for the first time during the event.

Rutherford also held court with the media after the press conference and answered some questions.  Check out the highlights after the jump.

  • There is nothing new to report about the Peter Karmanos bid to acquire a new partner.
  • Rutherford most likely will not be signing anyone else before training camp.  
  • Season ticket sales are good, almost as good as the offseason after the Cup win.
  • Local businesses will probably make out better financially during the All Star weekend than the Canes.  The team will make a percentage of profit on merchandise sales up to one month prior to the event, then the NHL gets the profit.  
  • It's still too early to know if tickets to All Star events will be available to the public.  Season ticket holders get first priority and the NHL will get 6 to 8 thousand tickets.  If any tickets remain, they will go on sale to the public.


(Sorry my video did not turn out, but the gist of the PC is above)