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Canes Informal Skate Opens in Full Force

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Newly acquired Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Bobby Sanguinetti on day one of informal skates at the Rec Zone. (photo by LTD)

The Rec Zone is the place to be for the next three to four weeks as prospects and veterans of the Carolina Hurricanes meet at 10 a.m. each weekday to skate and train.    The sessions are "unofficial" so to speak, in that the Carolina coaching staff is not allowed to attend, but the players push themselves, go through a few drills, and scrimmage a bit.

In year's past, Rod Brind`Amour would take charge, but Erik Cole and Chad LaRose ran things today.   

The first day of "camp" on Monday morning was very well attended and included newcomers Zac Dalpe, Jonathan Matsumoto, and Bobby Sanguinetti. Erik Cole was quoted as saying that "It was a little bit of a shocker", seeing so many skaters on opening day.'s Paul Branecky was there and he reported a few other quotes and notes in this articleJiri Tlusty attended but did not skate.  He is still rehabbing a knee, but is expected to be ready to skate close to the opening of training camp.

Besides Cole, LaRose, Sanguinetti, Dalpe, and Matsumoto, other skaters included: Cam Ward, Justin Peters, Jamie McBain, Sergei Samsonov, Bryan Rodney, Patrick Dwyer, Matt Kennedy, Kyle Lawson, and Joe Corvo

LTD, our blog "phoblographer" attended and took her fair share of pictures.  Check out this link to see those.

We will be following closely and will provide updates throughout the coming weeks.