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Quick Clips of Wednesday's Skate

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As mentioned in the previous article, I was able to attend the informal skate on Wednesday and spoke with Erik Cole, Jonathan Matsumoto, and Zac Dalpe.  I'll have the Dalpe and Matsumoto interviews up a bit later, but for now will leave you with a couple of nice video clips I was able to take while watching the scrimmage.

At the end of this first clip, Joe Corvo puts a sweet move on Cam Ward and slips the puck into the net.  Check it out after the jump. 


In clip number two, the red team sets up a nice back door play and scores on Ward.


In the last clip, Ward-o makes the save on a breakaway, but gets tangled up with Jamie McBain as the defenseman scrambles back on the play. Let's be careful out there!