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Charlotte Checkers Home Opener And Canes Country Night, Details Emerging

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Charlotte Checkers third jersey
Charlotte Checkers third jersey

The Charlotte Checkers full season schedule was released on Wednesday and the opponent for their home opener finally became known to the public. The home team will be facing the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins on October 15.

Checkers staff members have been very gracious about working with us and have offered Canes Country readers group pricing for that special night, the first ever home game of AHL hockey in Charlotte. People who purchase their tickets with the Canes Country group have a choice of paying $15 for lower level seating, (probably section 115) or $10 for upper level, (section 116). (see chart here.)

The Checkers have also offered to handle the ordering, money collection, and distribution of the tickets for us. (We'll have details about how to order your tickets and other information later this week.)

Last month we ran a survey asking how many people might be interested in attending the game and we received a very good response, (between 250 to over 300). Included in the survey, we asked about bus transportation and it appeared that there was enough interest for at least one bus, possibly two. We are still working on that and will also have more details for those interested, during the week.

Team officials were also hoping to get hotel discounts for people who wanted to spend the night, but there is a major NASCAR race in Charlotte on Saturday night and it turns out the hotels they were working with were not interested in giving out discounts for Friday. Make your own hotel reservations ASAP if you plan to spend the night.

Once again, stay tuned for more details about how to order tickets this week.