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After much anticipation, I am pleased to announce that the Canes Country Urban Dictionary is complete and ready for your enjoyment! As a quick recap, this idea was brought to me by maxcreek who thought it would be a fun way to break up the looooong summer. Y'all gave me your submissions and then the process of defining all of our strange sayings began. It's taken much longer than expected because of my super busy schedule, but I'd like to think this post has just gotten better with age, like wine. :)

So without further ado, it is my pleasure to present the fabulous and completely unofficial and unsanctioned CC Urban Dictionary!

10 p.m.: (noun) the magic hour on Canes Country after which all bets are off, all lines are crossed, and all rules get thrown out the window.

Example: After checking the start time of the Canes-Kings game, I knew it was going to be quite the game thread. After all, the game started after 10 p.m.

See also: enter at your own risk, community guidelines? What community guidelines?, honey-put the kids to bed

Big and Tall Line: (noun) a line of forwards who are all 5'10" and under, but terribly effective at scoring possibly because the opposition literally doesn't see them coming

Example: With some of the players we have waiting for roster spots, we may be able to field two Big and Tall Lines.

See also: Oompa-loompas, the Lollipop Guild, the Montreal Canadiens

Binky: (noun) a player vital to the success (nay existence) of another player; a living, breathing comfort zone; Eric Staal's long-term linemate.

Example: After sending him to Edmonton, JR realized that his franchise player needed his binky and reacquired Erik Cole.

See also: pacifier, human security blanket


Binky 2.0: (noun) the heir apparent to Eric Staal's human security blanket; a player who instantly improves the production of our first line center; notably different from the original in that the new version has more than one offensive move

Example: We're pleased to announce the arrival of the new and improved Binky 2.0 with awesome shootout action and anti-Brodeur powers!

See also: Jussi Jokinen, Eric Staal, future All-Star

Bubba: (noun) the grandmaster of Canes Country; he who puts up with all of the various and sundry characters that call CC their blogging home; known for incorporating old-school songs into post titles.

Example: You have to give Bubba credit-he puts up with everyone here at CC without snapping.

See also: "the blogger formerly known as", Bob

Bump a Marty Party: (noun) refers to the controversial last second goal scored by Jussi Jokinen in Game 4 of first round of the playoffs; used to mock NJ's reaction to that moment to this day.

Example: Brodeur just let in a big softie. I bet the Jersey announcers are claiming it was another Bump a Marty Party. Homers.

See also: homer NJ announcer, the .02 second goal, Jussi Jokinen, Brodeur tantrum, tears of glaze, Miracle Finnish

Camgasmic: (adj) a goaltending display so fantastic, so electrifying, so captivating from our Campion Wardolie that one finds oneself in need of a cold shower and/or a cigarette.

Example: Cam's windmill save was so Camgasmic that jenniwa30 needed a cigarette!!!

See also: Camtastic, Camariffic, Camtabulous, Camtasmagoric, Camphoric, Camsational, Camnominal, Camstraordinary, Camniac, Campion Wardolie


Canes Country Podcast: (noun) a semi-regular (and oftentimes mythical) attempt at branching out into a new medium for sports talk filled with jokes, technical difficulties and CC posters asking as many ridiculous questions as possible in order to get Bob and Cory to laugh on air.

Example: No one actually called to ask a question, but the Canes Country Podcast live thread was thrilled with awesome questions...and a few oddball ones, mainly about boxers and/or briefs.

See also: if a person doesn't push record, does a podcast exist? :)

Captain Wraparound: (noun) the current captain of the Carolina Hurricanes, Eric Staal; a player that loves the wraparound despite its apparent uselessness; commonly used in a mocking way.

Example: I think Jared Staal knew I was watching prospect camp. He pulled a wrap chance that would have made Captain Wraparound proud.

See also: PASS TO THE POINT FOR THE LOVE OF THE HOCKEY GODS, obligatory wrap chance


Cheese: (noun) a dairy product one often finds on sandwiches, cheeseburgers, pizzas, etc; an infamous inside joke on CC that stems from a conversation about vegetarians and quickly became something inappropriate...hey it's Canes Country, what do you want?

Example: The only way to make the hot tub jokes even grosser is to suggest that they're hot tubs full of cheese.

See also: hot tub, Cully Wully

Chuckandtheletterk: (noun) the radio voice of the Carolina Hurricanes; a radio personality known for his grumbly voice, not breathing between words, and his unusual pronunciations of players' names.

Example: I had no idea what was going on with the game, but Chuckandtheletterk's voice was really high and squeaky so I knew it must have been exciting.

See also: grumblegrumbleHESHOOTSHESCORESgrumblegrumble

Commando Carson: (noun) a defenseman that willingly (and proudly) admits he doesn't wear boxers, briefs or boxer briefs.

Example: I was shocked (and kind of appalled) to realize that the movie star was pulling a Commando Carson in public!

See also: TMI, ewww!

Douchetastic: (adj) a person or act that has surpassed a jerk or [expletive deleted]; a person who thinks too highly of himself.

Example: Sean Avery is the very definition of douchetastic.

See also: Alex Ovechkin, Dan Carcillo, Chris Pronger


F'ing A.Ward: (noun) a defenseman who has suddenly forgotten how to play defense yet commands a $2.5 million salary; a syndrome that causes otherwise healthy defensemen to begin taking bad penalties, stop skating and miss defensive assignments.

Example: Our defense is so bad it's like they all turned into F'ing A.Ward clones overnight.

See also: completely useless, might as well use an orange cone, WTH was he thinking?

Failstache: (noun) a visual assault on all who see it; a poorly groomed and/or executed attempt at facial hair

Example: While everyone knows that the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, fewer people are aware that they also received the Failstache Trophy for having some of the league's worst playoff beards.

See also: playoff mullet, playoff sideburns, "let me know when you hit puberty", Dan Carcillo, Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane

Finn sandwich: (noun) a line combination that features Jussi Jokinen and Tuomo Ruutu as wingers with a non-Finn as the center; a tactic employed by coaches to unite the forces of all Finns thereby making them a stronger and more perfect union; a place many female fans would like to find themselves; often used in conjunction with another player's name.

Example: I'm not sure why Mo broke up the Sutter-Finn sandwich. It was one of our most productive lines!

See also: The Juice at Harris Teeter, lingonberry sauce, reindeer meat

Finntastic: (adj. or adverb) an action, person, place or thing that finds its value or worth increased exponentially by the addition of one (or three) Finns.

Example: The Finns are Finntastic. (I don't think any further explanation is necessary.)

See also: Finnomenal


Happy Hands: (adj) the inability to stop puckhandling; usually results in a turnover

Example: UGH! Sammy went all happy hands, wouldn't pass or shoot and turned the puck over!

See also: Sergei Samsonov, keebler elf

HM's fish tank: (noun) the source of deep insight into the Hurricanes' inner workings and player transactions

Example: When the Hurricanes parted ways with Anton Babchuk last offseason, Canes' fans quickly turned to HM's fish tank to see what the future held. Babchuk fish lived and this summer, Babchuk player returned.

See also: clairvoyance, fish in the freezer

Hot tub: (noun) until 2009, a place previously limited to reality TV show debauchery; currently the source of many inappropriate jokes and photoshops thanks to one Tripp Tracy.

Example: After continuing to bait the CC ladies, jenniwa30 made good on her threat to unleash a hot tub photoshop on the entire game day thread.

See also: Matt Cullen, Chad LaRose, team bonding


Instigator: (noun) one who instigates trouble and/or shenaniganizing; a CC member that deliberately and purposefully pushes the buttons of another CC member; one who creates trouble and/or stirs the proverbial pot.

Example: The conversation was going along just fine, but then HM came and stirred up all the CC ladies. She's such an instigator.

See also: HMof2, canescup...well actually all CC members

Johnny Sideburns: (noun) the TV play-by-play guy for the Hurricanes (and sometimes Versus); aka John Forslund

Example: I'm not sure why Forslund didn't pick JohnnySideburns as his Twitter handle. It's much more creative and fitting.

See also: Tripp Tracy's straightman, CAM WARD SAYS NO!, THAT'S HOCKEY BABY!

Joined at the mouse: (adj) termed coined by HM to describe certain CC members; people being so alike that, at times, it is almost impossible to distinguish between them.

Example: If you're looking for caniacgirl, ask jenniwa30. She'll know. They're basically joined at the mouse.

See also: freakishly alike, GET OUT OF MY HEAD, JINX

Madness that is Chadness: (noun) a whirling dervish of a hockey player; an unstoppable force known to pester all he encounters; easily recognizable by his distinctive skating style, loud mouth and large bug eyes

Example: You'd think Zdeno Chara would be able to resist the temptation to fight during a playoff game, but leave it to the Madness that is Chadness to get him to drop the gloves.

See also: Rosey, Roddy's BFF, ridonkulous


McCutie: (noun) a defenseman that combines the right attitude, skills and an adorable overbite; a top notch defensive prospect

Example: After an impressive NHL debut last season, sales of McCutie jerseys skyrocketed, especially among female fans.

See also: McBadass, McCuteass

Nakey Boy: (noun) so young, so naïve; the reason for PR classes for rookies; player who has naked photos of himself on the internet

Example: Did you see that picture of Celebrity X? You'd think he would have learned about the perils of camera phones from Nakey Boy's misfortune.

See also: "too lusty", NSFW, the peril of cell phone cameras, Google safety search

Pete-dawg: (noun) a young goaltending prospect who plays well beyond his years; known for his tearful post-game interviews and hair that sticks out of his goalie mask.

Example: No one was really sure what to expect from him, but after his first game against the New York Islanders, Pete-dawg was an instant fan favorite.

See also: woof woof, the dawg pound

Phoblographer: (noun) LTD. That is all.

Example: LTD's gotten so good at wielding that giant camera lens, we had to invent a word for her. And hence phoblographer was born!

See also: giant camera lens, Finn aficionado, enabler

Pumpkinhead: (noun) the most reclusive of all of Raleigh's Finns, skates with his tongue sticking out and has a hard time remembering he's a defenseman; a head shaped like a pumpkin; (adj) describes a play that is ridiculous and poorly executed, most often a penalty taken at the worst possible moment.

Example: He'd been having a good night, but taking that slashing penalty to put Washington on a 5-on-3 was definitely the Pumpkinhead play of the game.

See also: Creepie, Yanni Pitkanen, adult ADD, sneaky nasty


Recaptionation: (verb or noun) the art or product of recaptionating; to recap in a quippy and sarcastic way

Example: This 1000 comment game thread is hilarious! I can't wait to see the recaptionation!

See also: recaptionator, recaptionating

Recycling: (verb) reacquiring former players in an effort to recreate the glory days; a policy employed by several GMs in the league, most notably Jim Rutherford, that involves re-acquiring players you parted ways with not that long ago

Example: I am so sick of JR's constant player recycling, but at least I know my Justin Williams jersey may come back into style.

See also: not him again!, greenest GM in the league, JUST LET IT GO MAN!, almost never works out

Ruuing: (verb) the act of chanting Tuomo Ruutu's name; most often done in a low tone that is occasionally mistaken for booing; heard when number 15 is on a breakaway or finishing up a crushing hit.

Example: We're not booing, we're Ruu-ing!

See also: everyone's favorite Finn

Shenaniganizing: (noun) general merriment; (verb) the act of troublemaking or scheming.

Example: Without any Canes' hockey to watch, members of CC quickly began shenaniganizing and got into all kinds of trouble.

See also: alleged Jussi Jokinen ASG campaign

SHUT IT: (verb) response normally elicited from female members who feel that their favorite player is being disrespected or threatened in some way; found most often following a comment implying that Cam Ward sucks, will never be the same, should be traded or benched in favor of the backup. Can also be found following comments regarding the trade or relative suckage of Brandon Sutter, Tuomo Ruutu or Tim Gleason.

Example: canescup: Hey look! It's 2goal20second Cam!

caniacgirl: SHUT IT

jenniwa30: SHUT IT

See also: female lions defending baby lions

The cobra: (noun) the poke check; lightning fast and full of venom; effectively thwarts an opponent's scoring chance; often turned into suggestive and thoroughly inappropriate jokes.

Example: It looked like Zach Parise was going to get one past him, but Wardo effectively unleashed the cobra at the last possible second to keep the score tied.

See also: Cam Ward

The Emperor: (noun) a title of respect and reverence; a leadership position

Example: While the 09-10 hockey season was a pretty big letdown for Canes' fans, it allowed us all to witness the emergence of a new team leader, The Emperor.

See also: Tim Gleason, old school hockey, "that's what happens when you suck"


The untouchables: (noun) a group of core players who JR insists are 100%, absolutely, positively guaranteed, forever off limits for trades.

Example: If JR ever traded one of the untouchables, I'd picket the RBC Center and probably TP his house.

See also: Tuomo Ruutu, Cam Ward, Brandon Sutter, Eric Staal, Tim Gleason, honorary untouchables Jussi Jokinen and Joni Pitkanen

Timmo Gleasonen: (noun) a product of the highest honor offered by Canes Country, honorary Finn-hood; the proper Finn-ization of Tim Gleason's name as dictated by Finn aficionado LTD.

Example: It gives us great pleasure to present one Timothy Patrick Gleason with the highest honor in all of Canes Country, honorary Finn-hood, for his heart, dedication and extraordinary sisu. As a result of this unrivaled honor, Timothy Patrick Gleason will henceforth be known as Timmo Gleasonen.

See also: Tim Gleason, old school hockey, sisu

Tom Kostopoulos: (noun) a forward that could benefit from a few boxing lessons or self-defense classes; a gritty PK specialist who is as far from a primadonna as you can get

Example: While I admire him for trying, the guy is a worse fighter than Tom Kostopoulos!

See also: TKO, Tom K-something, how the heck do I spell his name?!, Tom Non-stopoulos

TPCP: (noun) an abbreviation for "That Prick Chris Pronger"; coined by LTD, used by all.

Example: Why am I not surprised TPCP is kicking puppies and stealing candy from babies?

See also: flying elbows, local newscaster, reason not to cheer for Philly

Tripp Tracy Bingo: (noun) a game often played by members of CC; based on the various Trippisms heard during a game; a constantly evolving dictionary of random Tripp quotes

Example: Thanks to RaccoonFink, we have a whole other source of entertainment for games. Just be prepared, no one wins at Tripp Tracy Bingo.

See also: something you don't want to win, food reference, innuendo, players' families, Staal gushing


Watershed moment: (noun) a turning point in a game or season as defined by Tripp Tracy; often used facetiously by CC posters to mock Tripp and his hyperbole.

Example: "Well John, I think that 5-on-3 penalty kill was the real watershed moment of this game. The Caps are deflated and the Canes are riding high."

See also: Trippism, play of consequence, penalty kill of consequence, goal of consequence, post of consequence, save of consequence

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