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POLL: What do you think about the Great Rejection?

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The ruling came down shortly after 5pm (17:17 on my twitter time stamp) that the special arbiter arbitrator in the grievance filed by the NHLPA challenging the Leagues' rejection of the Ilya Kovalchuk contract had upheld the NHL's rejection. Kovalchuk is a free-agent and what happens next is anyone's guess.

While the details are still coming out, particularly regarding the reasons behind this ruling, we'd like to know what you think of this announcement. Many are projecting that this decision has consequences for the future negotiations of the CBA which expires in 2012, as well as for the financial viability of the hockey league if the salary cap restrictions of this CBA are interpreted loosely or strictly.

Here are a few links to this breaking story, which may be updated at their source throughout the evening.

Craig Custance (The Hockey News) Source: Arbitrator Rules in Favor of NHL in Kovalchuk Case

James Mirtle (Globe and Mail) Kovalchuk contract rejected by arbitrator

Fire and Ice Blog (The Bergen NJ Record's Tom Gulitti) Arbitrator Richard Bloch uphold NHL's rejection of Ilya Kovalchuk's contract

Puck Daddy NHL wins Ilya Kovalchuk case, Devils' 17-year contract rejected

Beyond asking you if you "agree/disagree" or feel "surprised or just as expected", do you believe this decision is a good thing for hockey fans or not?