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Rock and Roll Fantasy: Canes Country Fantasy Hockey Kicks Off

The coveted Canes Country Fantasy Hockey Trophy. (Also known as the Pavel Brendl Award)
The coveted Canes Country Fantasy Hockey Trophy. (Also known as the Pavel Brendl Award)

It's that time of year again.  Last year's disappointments or victories matter not because everyone starts with a clean slate.  It's time to put on your GM hat, draft a team, and talk trash with the best of them.  The Canes Country fantasy hockey leagues are now open.

Last year we had five leagues with over 70 teams participating, including a Rookie League.  I renamed that Rookie League to "Rookie League 2" for this season, but we will start another rookie league if new players want to give it a try this year.  Or perhaps the ladies of CC would like to start a "ladies only" league?

Invitations have been sent to last year's players.  If you did not receive an invitation and want one, please contact me.  For those of you who did not play last year and want to join in this season, send me an email at and we will find a spot for you.  The winner of each league will get a trophy to memorialize their accomplishment.

(Each of the leagues are currently rotisserie leagues.  If you prefer a head-to-head league, let me know because others have requested one and if there is enough interest we will have one of those as well). 

Last Year's Winners:

Canes Country Rookie League:  Garfield

Canes Country Invitation (West):  Pittsburgh Caniac

Canes Country Invitation (East):  Raleigh River Rats

Canes Country Challenge:  Cory

Canes Country A League:  Raleigh Alers

(kudos to second place team, Lasers Go Pew Pew who missed being champion by half a point)


Section 320:  Bug's Buggerers

(Section 320 is managed by C-Leaguer, but trophy provided for that winner as well for old time sake)


Congratulations to last season's champions and good luck to everyone this season!

(Last year's champs, please email me your home address so I can send you your trophy.)