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Quick Hits For Tuesday: "It Don't Come Easy"

Much like anything worthwhile, building a successful hockey franchise is a process.

Winning in the NHL takes more than money and intellect; it requires patience, perseverance, and resolve. Sometimes, the best situations emerge from periods of misery and dejection. Such is the case for the Carolina Hurricanes.

Inside Hockey published their Carolina Hurricanes season preview last week and they had several positive things to say, including that the team is heading in the right direction with their rebuilding.

From January 21st to the end of the season, the Hurricanes went 21-13-3. That record gave Carolina a 1.216 point/game pace, which amounts to 99 points over the course of a full season. That rate would have been good enough for fourth place in the Eastern conference.

The author asks the same question everyone else is asking, can the Canes repeat their performance from the second half of last season?


Puck Daddy also put out a season preview of the Hurricanes yesterday, (in his ongoing "cute" wrestling format), and most of the information provided was pretty much spot on, except for saying that Karmanos was "selling the team" and not "selling a portion of the team". There's a big difference.

For his predictions, Wyshynski is calling for Babchuk to be a flop, the powerplay to regress, and for the Canes to finish out of the playoffs.

The Hurricanes have been mentioned as a darkhorse in the East, but what team in the East doesn't have at least a glimmer of a chance at making the postseason cut? The real question is whether they will or will not make the playoffs; and the answer is that, as currently constructed, they will not. Too young, not enough pop and if Ward doesn't carry them, they don't get near the playoff bubble.

Agree or disagree?


Later in the day, we will be releasing more information about Canes Country Night and the Charlotte Checkers home opener. Stay tuned!