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Introducing the Canes Country Calendar: Where's Bubba?


So what are you doing today? Perhaps you're headed over to watch the unofficial skates AKA Camp Brind`Amour at the RecZone at 10am? Or maybe, if you're name is Bob Wage, today you're playing in the invitation-only Hurricanes Annual Media Golf Tournament at 9:30am followed by a luncheon up at TPC Wakefield Plantation, rubbing shoulders with  [Tim Gleason, Chad LaRose, Erik Cole? I'll let you know when I hear who he's with]  veteran winger and all around great guy Tom Kostopoulos, the Hall-of-Fame-voice-of-your-Carolina-Hurricanes Chuck Kaiton, and the hockey persona that is as Old School as Old School gets, Assistant Coach Tom Rowe. You'll be tooling around the fairway in your nifty golf car, casually discussing....well...anything your puck-lovin' heart desires. All I can say is: Must. Be. Nice.

With so much happening in hockey everyday [finally!], it's hard for a Carolina hockey fan to know where to begin planning. Until now. 

As part of this new season here at Canes Country, we've set up the Canes Country Calendar which we hope will be your one-stop source for all goings-on within the Caniac Nation.

Check it out after the jump, and then after today, you'll be able to find it anytime over on the left rail, by the salary charts, below the twitter and facebook links.

(Hint: If it doesn't show - you may need to "refresh" the page.)

Now you know where to come when you need to answer the burning question: #IsitOctoberyet?

We'll aim to keep our Calendar up to date with all things Hurricanes. Not just Canes games, but also the Charlotte Checkers game schedule, the practices in Raleigh, the "Official Hurricanes" fan events or promotions, Canes Country viewing parties or other meet-ups. In summary, anything that seems pertinent to a dedicated and totally connected Carolina hockey fan, who we might consider as a collective "Bubba". Starting with the Media Golf Tourney going on right now, Camp Brindy for another week, and the tournament schedule for the Canes prospects at Traverse City,  kicking off this Saturday at 3pm.

You can navigate through the NHL season by clicking on the months across the top, and many of the events have pop-ups or links that get you to more details of the event. You'll also note that those Checkers games are made distinguishable by a gray field. Take a spin around, and if you have any suggestions or technical problems, let us know. We're venturing into new territory with this, so feedback is appreciated.

Feel free to email me (using the link next to my name at the bottom of the page) anytime if you have an event you think we need to add in. And kudos to Phoblographer LTD for this awesome idea and big thanks to Cory for whipping up the logo.