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A Moment With Peter Karmanos

On Friday afternoon, right before the official opening of the NHL Fan Fair, there was a press conference announcing the new partnership between the NHL and Kimberly-Clark. The two entities have joined forces to promote a campaign called "Hockey For Huggies" a program developed to help collect diapers and donations for moms and babies in need in the U.S. and Canada. (We'll have more details about this campaign later.)

There were several celebrities supporting this campaign in attendance including, Peter and Danialle Karmanos, Jim Rutherford, Eric, Tanya, and Parker Staal, Gary Bettman, and actress Ellen Pompeo.

Carolina Hurricanes CEO, Peter Karmanos was available after the press conference to answer some quick questions. Beat writer Chip Alexander spoke to him and posted this article on Canes Now about his interview.

Canes Now: Karmanos Closer to Securing Investors

I had a brief opportunity for a couple of questions and started out asking the owner of the team if he was pleased with his club's results so far this season.

"We'd like to have a few more points than we have, but I feel the team will really respond well to the playoff run and I expect that we will make the playoffs," answered Karmanos.

Next I touched upon the budget and asked if he and Jim Rutherford would expand the budget, if indeed the team was in the playoff mix come trade deadline time, and make an acquisition to help the team out down the stretch.

"If it appears that there is someone out there that can help us, and we're in the running, we'll certainly make any deal possible at that point in time."

Mr. Karmanos was whisked away then for another appointment, but it appears that the franchise is willing to spend more money if the team stays in the postseason hunt and if they target a player who can help them. We'll be talking much more about this after the All Star break.