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Clicks and Clippings: Boys are back in town

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That's a lot of Canadian centermen in one shot as Rod Brind`Amour drops the puck for Brandon Sutter (left) and Eric Staal. via <a href="">Jamie Kellner, all rights reserved.</a>
That's a lot of Canadian centermen in one shot as Rod Brind`Amour drops the puck for Brandon Sutter (left) and Eric Staal. via Jamie Kellner, all rights reserved.

The Carolina Hurricanes were back at the RBC Center this morning. All hands were on deck as the coaches were out on the ice and management staff were in the seats, all glad to have some time at home. The Hurricanes play five of the next 6 in Raleigh, having opened the season with 6 of 8 on the road.

Rod Brind`Amour was watching the drills closely before working with the forwards separately and then the centers for faceoffs. Brind`Amour didn't travel with the team so this would have been his first chance to coach in a full week.


UPDATE: This interview came out late this afternoon and answers some of the Staal speculation that's been percolating - ★★★★★ Staal's Slow Start - David Droschak, Eric Staal probably wondered what took so long to broach the subject of his slow start to the season...... And yes, Staal is healthy. He said so today when I asked him about his start to 2011-12.

"I’m 100 percent," Staal said. "I feel as strong as I’ve felt in a long time. It’s one of those things that if you get one off a post to go in instead of off the post and out, it may spiral the other way. There is a lot of season left and I know that, and I’m going to continue to bring that work ethic first. That’s the main thing."


Around the League

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  • Death of a Program: Alabama-Huntsville Gets Plug Pulled | The United States of Hockey The only school south of the Mason-Dixon Line with a Division I hockey program always seemed like a long shot, even when Doug Ross took over the team in the mid-1980s. Against all odds, it lasted through the dissolution of Division II and temporarily the collapse of College Hockey America, UAH’s Division I home for nearly 10 years★★★★

  • An idea for future Preds pre-seasons - Ryan Porth, Smashville 24/7 With both the Nashville and Carolina franchises feeling remorse for the abandoned hockey fans in Atlanta, why not play a preseason game against one another at Philips Arena every September? ★★★
  • A new blog I'll be keeping an eye on: Fried Checkin' - Ice hockey in the South Fried Checkin’ was first conceived after several Thrashers bloggers found themselves without source material, but still with a passion for writing about the coldest sport in the warmest climate. Originally the brainchild of former Bird Watchers Anonymous writer Tim Fabiniak, it was brought to life by editor-in-chief Ally Pelphrey. ★★★


All the goings on with the AHL club in the last week is wrapped up nicely here: Charlotte Checkers Weekly Report (Oct 24) - Goaltender Mike Murphy stole the show. ★★★★

Rask leads Hitmen into battle versus Kootenay - Calgary Herald ★★★★

Victor Rask is loving life right now. Already sporting a war wound — a freshly stitched lip after taking a high stick to the face last weekend — the 18-year-old Swede and Calgary Hitmen import appears well adjusted to the North American game. "I just really love it," Rask said leading up to today’s Hitmen game against the visiting Kootenay Ice. "I think it’s so much fun to play hockey all the time. I think here it’s a 72-game season and, at home, we played more like 50 games. Here, there are games every day for like three or four days and then you have a day off. And, then, there’s a game again. I like it."


USA Hockey Men's Hockey Poll - Boston College ranked #1 With Brian Dumoulin as their top defensive leader. He contributed a 3rd period assist and a goal to tie the game Saturday that the Eagles went on to win over Northeastern. He's #2 in burgundy and gold in the highlights below (yes, he was on the ice for two goals against as well.)