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And The Survey Said...

Everyone loves a survey, right? Well, maybe not. Regardless, our SB Nation overlords, (my bosses), have asked each of the blog managers to publish a request that our members participate in a survey which they say will help them to better serve us.

For those of you not happy with a certain type of advertising, or if there is something else about the blog you dislike, now might be the perfect time to let your feelings be known. Of course, positive feedback is also welcome.

Mostly though, the experts are researching what turns you folk on, (sports wise and ad wise). What makes you come here, keep coming here, or what might make you come back more often.

For everyone's trouble, management is donating $500 to the designated charities of each of the top three blogs who get the highest percentage of membership to participate. It will be no easy task to place in the top three, especially when we are up against 300 plus other passionate blogs. But we currently have 1,903 members and average more visits than that every day, so it is possible that we could do well. (You don't have to be a member of Canes Country to participate in the survey.)

Just in case, we are designating the Carolina Hurricanes Kids 'N Community Foundation as our charity of choice. Please take a few moments to complete the survey and make your voice be heard. Thanks!

SB Nation Sports Survey