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Clicks and Clippings: The beat goes on

The Carolina Hurricanes leadership is a tight knit trio. Photo, taken during a preseason scrimmage 9/21/11, via Jamie Kellner [All rights reserved]

UPDATED 6:30pm with afternoon links

An exclusive interview with Jim Rutherford - from the guest on Brian's podcast this afternoon: Rutherford considers changes - Kurt Dusterberg, The quote below on the kind of player he is seeking by trade, plus a ton more regarding the GM's thoughts about Maurice as a coach.  ★★★★★

"Over the years, we had Ray Whitney, and when things got tough, he was a guy that could stand up (in the dressing room)," Rutherford said. "We also had Rod Brind'Amour and Cory Stillman. We do have a very quiet team. Without question, we are missing that piece in the room."


AUDIO: Paul Maurice post practice [5:12] - To hear the original source for the next three links.

Down, But Not Out - Michael Smith, Tracking the Storm 

"As miserable as it was in Montreal, today’s a new day and you’ve got to prepare yourself for Buffalo," goaltender Cam Ward said. "We have to work at just righting the ship. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but it’s the way you’ve got to approach it. You’ve got to be strong mentally, and this is a challenge for ourselves."

Canes try to focus only on Sabres game - Canes Now How tough will it be with each game now feeling like a referendum on his coaching and job security?

"I'm not sure that that game-by-game started in early November 1995," Maurice said. "This the grind that you learn to survive and deal with it as a man, deal with your players, rally your troops, have direct and honest conversations with players that need to have those. And make sure that when you're standing behind the bench you show that confidence in your team. And you just do it every day, night after night."

Dalpe headed back to Charlotte - The Carolina Hurricanes will reassign forward Zac Dalpe to the Checkers, coach Paul Maurice told the Raleigh media on Thursday.

The Hockey News: Art of early-season trades - Lyle Richardson The trade market is again expected to heat up between Nov. 24 (American Thanksgiving) and the NHL’s holiday roster freeze, which kicks in Dec. 19. But there’s no guarantee we'll see notable, higher-salaried talent on the move, let alone multi-player deals.

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It's hard to get a bead on what is happening at Edwards Mill Road.

On the one hand we've seen the debacle on the ice almost nightly, with growing concern from even the most measured of local media who have followed the team closely for many years.

On the other, we have one of the longest tenured GM's in the League, a former goaltender at that, sounding very much like he's not about to panic and is going to wait until the right solution presents itself. Preaching Patience.

Finally, with last night's game getting the klieg light treatment that goes with being the only hockey game on TSN, the national media is pouncing all over the situation with more attention than Raleigh has seen on the puckwebz since the hoopla that was the All Star Game took over the Triangle 10 months ago.


Here ya go:

Stories since the loss last night:

More national focus on what ails the Carolina franchise:


Learning from the mistakes of others (or: "The broader view")

  • On why changing coaches every 2 or 3  years is not the answer: What does every team understand except the Islanders? - View from my Seats The problem [with a total re-build] is that it’s hard and it’s time consuming. As the years pass, the pressure to win and rush young players becomes greater and greater as fans starve for any semblance of hope. But if the organization really wants to set the team up to succeed for the long-haul, they’re going to need to realize that they need some stability at the head coaching position. ★★★★★
  • Setting expectations: Is there a Truly Great General Manager in the NHL? - Arctic Ice Hockey Has any general manager truly "figured it out"? And by "figured it out", I mean has anyone consistently built one the top three or four teams in the league without benefiting either from his predecessor's drafting or from multiple high draft picks and without spending to the salary cap? ★★★★ 
  • Good news/Bad news:  The Hockey News: Top 10: Free agent flops We count down the biggest free agent disappointments so far this season, including familiar names like Anton Babchuk, Erik Cole, and Tomas Kaberle:
  • 3. Tomas Kaberle - Fans of the Bruins and Leafs could tell you how much Kaberle’s game has slipped in recent years, but that didn’t stop the Hurricanes from signing the 33-year-old D-man to a three-year, $12.75 million deal. What have they gotten for $4.25 million so far? Four assists in 18 games and a minus-5 rating. Yikes.

  • Self-recognition in this very funny post from (of all places!) a Montreal blogger: How to know if you’re cheering for a bubble team " The Active Stick It’s that time of the year when we forget that less than a quarter of the games in the NHL season have been played and decide to form our opinions on how the season is going to turn out, which means the term "bubble team" is being thrown around a lot. ★★★★★

Montreal residuals

  • Cole adjusts in Montreal - "My answer is that everyone needs to relax," Cole said. "Eric is the type who puts a lot of pressure on himself at the start of each year and wants to come out the gate really, really hard and be the guy to carry the team... ★★★★
  • Figure skating gives Calder winner an edge - Montreal Gazette - a Q&A with Jeff Skinner from the Montreal paper: ★★★★
  • Q What it's like not being able to go into a bar legally in some cities on the road?

    A "It's all right. You can't really complain too much about being a teenager and playing hockey as a job. So there are not too many drawbacks to what we get to do. It's a privilege and something to be really grateful for."


Loose change




Another hockey team in North Carolina has a nice stretch of home games ahead - if you need a break from the pressure at the RBC...

  • Shaya's10 Thoughts: November 17 - Rockford comes into town on Friday having the worst record in the Midwest Division and they are tied for the most goals allowed in the Conference at 49. They’ve only won three games in their past 10. I think it’s fair to say that the Checkers would like all four points out of Friday and Sunday’s games against the IceHogs. ★★★


Life goes on