What's the Future Canes Defense Going to Look Like?

This season the Cane's defensive corp has left something to be desired. The team is at the bottom of the league statistically in goals given up, goals in the 3rd period, and any other measuring stick you want to apply. In a discussion with my buddy, Curt , (better known to me as "The Wizard of Windsor") posed the following question to me. What will be the makeup of our defensemen corp next season?

In our discussion we identified and discussed our current roster of defensemen as follows:

Gleason: Thought he would be traded on or before the trading deadline this year.

Pitkanen: Thought he more than likely would still be on the roster next season, but could be traded on or before the trading deadline this year.

Harrison: Probably would still be with the Canes next year in last year of two-year contract. Reasoning was something along the lines he was inexpensive, was reasonably good, and gave us some size. His downside was some lack of mobility although we did think he was average in this area.

Spacek: Would more than likely not be with the team due to his age and very high salary. If he would resign for substantially less than the 3 million plus he now gets, we thought he might be valuable to retain to be used in spots where his experience and talents would be valuable.

McBain: He would not be traded and would be on next year's team.

Faulk: Definitely retained and probably in the team's top defense pairing.

Joslin: Probably retained as he is young, has size and has performed reasonably well

Allen: Probably will be traded on or before the trading deadline this year. Seems to have lost some mobility. He has provided some physical presence which will be missed if not replaced.

The potential newcomers under Cane's control are Doumelin, Murphy, and Sanguinetty (excuse the spellings). All of these newcomers seem to us to be more offensive defensemen than defensive defensemen with the possible exception of Doumelin. Sure would like some input from the rest of you Caniacs on how the team should proceed shaping the defense corps for next season. Seems to us that we are going to need to go after a proven defensive type player, who is moblile and who can also bring some physical presence. What are your thoughts?