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Canes Country Call-In returns Monday night

Because what's more romantic than talking hockey with your friendly neighborhood Canes blog?

If you remember, we tried this last year a couple of times, even putting it on the real radio once, and we had a great time doing it.  It took us long enough, but we're giving it a shot and doing it again.  Join me, Bob and HM on Monday night at 8 pm Eastern as we talk about the Canes.  Yes, that's vague, but it's vague on purpose...after all, it wouldn't be Canes Country Call-In without some people calling in and participating.

That's where you come in.

We'll post the link to listen on Monday night, but if you'd like to get set for it now (and you have a computer with a microphone), go ahead and download Skype, so that you won't have to pay long-distance charges to call in.  (The call-in number for Blog Talk Radio is in California, so if you want to call in on a phone and you have free long distance it won't matter...but Skype doesn't cost for long distance or airtime.  It's actually pretty sweet.)

Questions?  Leave 'em as comments on this post and we'll address them...otherwise, we hope you'll tune in on Monday night at 8!