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Community Guidelines Update

During the past couple of weeks, we have had some discussion to see if it was possible to improve the conversation here at Canes Country.  For the most part I think we have excellent participation, and once again, I would like to thank those of you who take the time to share your thoughts, elaborate on them, and participate in a conversation.

We have had some complaints though and since it is my goal to make this site as informative as well as fan friendly as I can, (in a reasonable manner), I have tweaked the Community Guidelines a bit so everyone can be aware of expectations.

The primary change is the addition of a new section called, "Relentless Negativity",  and no, I didn't make up that term.  Other popular SBN blogs, such as Japers' Rink and Pension Plan Puppets have the same guideline and it works very well for them.  While I don't think this pertains to the majority of our members here, this new guideline will hopefully clean up some needless, redundant spam that doesn't do anyone any good.

I'll copy and paste the guideline below:

9.  Relentless Negativity:  In general, negative points of view are welcome at Canes Country.  If presented in the right way, with some reasoning or while proposing solutions, such viewpoints can usually lead to productive discussion which can then end up benefiting much of the community as a whole.  Also, people get frustrated from time to time and will post emotional outbursts, especially during open game threads.  That is also understandable and acceptable, within reason.  But when a member constantly repeats the same negative message over and over, without anything else to add, that will be considered a form of spamming and that person will be warned to stop and could be banned.  (Example:  Coming into a game thread during a loss and repeating multiple times, the team stinks, this player stinks, that coach stinks, this happened because the GM stinks, etc. etc.  That will be considered spamming.  One or two such posts are usually plenty enough to get your message across.)


Of course this is subjective and can be open to interpretation.  We will do our very best to be as fair as we can be regarding enforcement.

If you feel any of our guidelines are being violated at any time, please flag the comment or send me an email.  Sometimes we are not online and can not make a warning or we don't see the comments in question until it's too late.

The game preview is coming right up.