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2011 NHL Playoffs Game-by-Game Calendar

Every year for the last three or four, I've put together a Google calendar so that I could easily see what games were on which networks on what nights during the playoffs.  (And, also, to warn my wife of when I'd be incommunicado.  Can't leave that out.)

This year's edition of the playoff calendar is now done, and if you have a Google calendar of your own you can subscribe to the calendar and add it to your own.  I'll update it as we go along with the series that end and the resolutions of the TBD start times later in the first round.  It's also embedded below the jump, so you can just bookmark this page and it will update itself as necessary.

To subscribe to the calendar using your own Google calendar, add the following URL to your Google calendar: - when in Google Calendar, on the left side of the page under "Other calendars" click Add, then click "Add by URL" and paste the URL above into the box.