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Back In Town And Back In Business

The Charlotte Checkers celebrating a goal on Friday night, April 22, 2011 at home against the Hershey Bears. (Photo by LTD)

For those of you who may have been wondering, "where's Bubba lately?", I was out of town all last week spending time with family up north. The weather was wretched up there and I only saw a couple brief glimpses of the sun during my stay, so it certainly feels good to be back home.

A big thanks to the other writers here who were able to keep up with things on the blog, especially regarding the Checkers coverage. And how about those Checkers?

It was no easy task to eliminate the Hershey Bears on their home ice. The last time they were eliminated at home was in 2002. The Washington Capitals affiliate had won the last two Calder Cups.

We'll continue to cover the boys in Charlotte as best as we can during their postseason run.

Obviously, here at the blog we will continue to monitor and report if anything new is happening with the Hurricanes, will start some postseason analysis with a "What Went Wrong" series, and will begin our infamous, "Exit Analysis" reports very soon. Down the road a bit, we'll be taking a close look at the upcoming draft and will be participating in our fair share of mock drafts, just like last year.

Beginning today, I'm also going to start a new, everyday lunchtime editorial feature called, "Notes at Noon" where I'll be commenting about something, or a number of things, that I feel are newsworthy or worth discussion.

So we will be trying to keep busy here everyday, especially if there is breaking news regarding the Canes. And we will have some surprises along the way.

Happy Monday...