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Notes at Noon: Quiet Before The Storm At The RBC?

It's been almost three weeks since the disappointing end of the Carolina Hurricanes season and Jim Rutherford has yet to hold his annual end of season press conference. Fans, as well as the media, have certainly taken notice.

Chip Alexander mentioned on Twitter this morning that the GM was still in the "evaluation process." Rutherford has plenty to evaluate, but not all of it needs to be done at this point of the offseason.

One thing that seems a bit strange is that the general manager has yet to offer a public vote of confidence for his head coach, Paul Maurice.

Maurice was blasted by an article in the News and Observer immediately following the heartbreaking loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning. Did the Canes front office notice the article or are they ignoring it?

Or perhaps they are quiet because they are contemplating a change?

Initially, I felt pretty confident that Maurice would be brought back, to at least start next season and complete the final year of his contract. But now I'm not so sure.

It would seem that if it was a slam dunk to bring the coach back, it would have been announced by now or at least Jim Rutherford would have said that he had every confidence in his coach.

Another subject that has not been talked about lately is the attempt to sell a portion of the team by owner, Peter Karmanos. At the All Star break, it seemed the owner was pretty close to getting something done. But since then, there has been little, if anything reported.

No doubt, the fact that the team failed to make the playoffs hurt them financially. It also probably affects how potential investors look at the team's finances.

Most likely, season ticket sales are down from last season. There is no longer the lure of attending the All Star Classic to entice fans who might be sitting on the edge of making a decision.

So, what does the team need to do to create a buzz and sell more tickets? Other than sign an expensive free agent, one of the best ways to do it would be to bring in a new head coach.

Could Rutherford be waiting to see what happens with the Charlotte Checkers before making a decision? The Checkers have a long way to go, but if they could somehow win the Calder Cup, that would be a major coup for coach Jeff Daniels, who has been a favorite of this organization for awhile.

Daniels has been in the Carolina family for the better part of 13 seasons. He was named as assistant coach when Peter Laviolette took over in December of 2003 and of course served with Laviolette during the Cup winning season in 2006.

The coach was named as head coach of Albany last year, and kept the same position when the team moved to Charlotte this season. He led both teams to the AHL playoffs.

Could Daniels be on the radar screen for a new job sooner rather than later?