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Notes at Noon: Round Two Predictions

The NHL playoffs are in full swing and many are saying that round one was the best in NHL history. With multiple overtime games and so many seven game series, it's hard to argue that point.

The second round started last night in Vancouver. There are certainly some interesting matchups to look forward to.


Even before last night, I thought that Vancouver looked too tough on paper for the Predators. Look for the Canucks to finish this one early, in five games.

Detroit/San Jose

This should be a great series between two pretty evenly matched teams. But I'll take the Red Wings in seven because Mike Babock > than Todd McLellan.


Another series between evenly matched teams which could go either way. The Flyers should prevail on home ice again in seven games.

Washington/Tampa Bay

A "Southeast Showdown" in the playoffs? Most folk are not giving the Lightning much of a chance in this series, but I think they are a very good team and they will give the Caps some trouble. Still, they will be hard pressed to get by a super-motivated group in the nation's capital. Caps in seven.