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RecZone In Trouble - Canes Back In The News Today

The News and Observer is reporting today that the Carolina Hurricanes practice facility, the RecZone, is in foreclosure. This original article by David Bracken indicates that the facility could be closed by June 15.

Luke DeCock has a followup here.

Obviously, this is not good news for local hockey players or fans of the Hurricanes. The RecZone was apparently doing well on it's own, but RZ ownership tied debt with a failing business to the RecZone, and the whole thing is going down.

If the RecZone is closed, where will the Hurricanes practice? There are not any other easy options out there.

As we reported a few days ago, Jim Rutherford will address the media at 11 today. After almost 40 days of radio silence, this will be the first time he will discuss last season in public. I will be attending and will have a report afterward.