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Notes at Noon: Sleepless in Winnipeg, Coaching Carousel, and Tyler Stahl Report

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Deal Or No Deal?

At least three or more mainstream sources reported last night that the Atlanta Thrashers were officially moving to Winnipeg this summer, only to have the NHL shoot down those reports as being premature today. 

Still, it looks to be just a matter of time before our Southeast cousins make the move up North.  One has to feel for Thrashers fans, but the folk in Winnipeg have every reason to be partying in the streets, which is exactly what they did last night. 

What does this mean for the future of the Southeast Division and for the Hurricanes scheduled preseason game with the Thrashers in Charlotte next season? There are several different possible scenarios, including moving Columbus or Nashville to the Southeast. Or Winnipeg might have to stay in the division for a season. 

Exciting days are ahead in Manitoba.


Kevin Dineen "Ready To Make The Jump"

The Globe and Mail published a report yesterday about coaching candidates who would be available this season for open jobs in the NHL.  First, they list an "experienced" group which includes Ken Hitchcock, Peter DeBoer, Craig MacTavish, Guy Carbonneau, and Michel Therrien.  

Their "up and comers" list included former Hurricanes captain Kevin Dineen, who has just completed his fifth consecutive winning season in Portland.  Dineen is a fiery guy, (franchise leader in penalty minutes), and would certainly be an interesting selection for someone. 

Not yet on the list is Checkers coach Jeff Daniels, which could mean that the coach is still a bit under the radar outside of our area.

Stahl Looking For A Contract

The Drumheller Mail reported yesterday that Hurricanes 6th round draft pick, Tyler Stahl, is hoping to get a contract offer from the team this summer. 

The 19-year-old defenseman could play one more season in junior hockey, but he would prefer to move up to the next level this coming season.  He will be working out hard this summer to help make that happen.

This past season, the 6'1 blueliner had 10 points and 182 penalty minutes playing for the Chilliwack Bruins.  It sounds like the Checkers could use his physicality, but is the rest of his game ready?  Stay tuned.

(Correction: Stahl can not play for the Checkers next season.  He would have to turn age 20 before 12/31, and he turns 20 on 1/29/12.)


Au revoir Javier

Today is Javier Serna's last day at the News and Observer.  He and his wife, Sue Stock, are moving from the area.   Javier helped out Luke and Chip in covering the Hurricanes at times and I'm sure he will be missed.   He always had a smile and was friendly and helpful to me and for that I thank him and wish him the best in the future.