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Afternoon Update: Eric Staal To Appear In Downtown Raleigh Tomorrow

According to a recent article in the News and Observer, Eric Staal will be stopping off at RBC Bank headquarters in downtown Raleigh tomorrow and will be signing autographs from noon to 1.   

For more information, check out the following link:

Raleigh's RBC Bank to host Eric Staal


Reminder:  The "Donnie Mac" Memorial Service will be held at the RBC Center tonight starting at 7 p.m..  The public is invited to come.


Also, I'd like to announce an addition to our staff here at Canes Country.  We are pleased to have Lee Phillips join us.  Lee worked as an intern for the Hurricanes last season and is majoring in journalism at NC State.   We look forward to his contributions here at Canes Country.  (coming soon)