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Re-Signing Free Agents - It Gets Complicated

I've been getting several emails asking about how the proposed cap increase, as well as the increased floor, will affect the Hurricanes and their free agent situation.  The Canes have a lot of room to work with in regards to the mandatory minimum they must spend, shouldn't that mean they can bring back all of their free agents?

The answer is not cut and dry.  If the contracts all came down to one year deals, then there would probably be no problem.  But what if Erik Cole wants a three year deal?  What if Jussi Jokinen and Joni Pitkanen want four years?  That's where things get sticky. 

When the draft is over we will be delving into the numbers with more gusto and detail, but just keep in mind that even though the Hurricanes have a lot of money to spend at the moment in regards to the cap floor, they might not want to commit that much to those players for several years to come. 

Canes Traveling to Buffalo for preseason match

The Buffalo Sabres released their preseason schedule today and they open against the Carolina Hurricanes at the HSBC on September 19.  The Hurricanes will certainly have a different flavor this coming preseason than usual with a game already scheduled against Winnipeg in Charlotte and now a trip to Buffalo.