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Bruins Tie Series: Tim Thomas With Shutout

The Boston Bruins look like a team possessed right now as they dominated the Vancouver Canucks for the second straight game and tied up their best of seven series, 2-2.  The home team chased 'Nucks goalie Roberto Luongo after their fourth goal, leaving some Vancouver fans wondering who will start game five. 

The Bruins are rallying around the injury of Nathan Horton and seem to be using the loss of one of their best players as extra motivation. 

This series has been a very contentious one and there is whacking or slashing before, during, or after almost every play.  Even Tim Thomas got into it near the end of the game when he whacked Alexandre "Biteman" Burrows after the Vancouver winger tried to slash the stick out of the goalie's hands. A mini melee ensued.

Hard feelings develop in every playoff series, but these teams absolutely hate each other.  It would not be totally shocking to see a fight break out in the handshake line.

Vezina favorite Thomas, who carried a league best .938 save percentage in the regular season, has a .966 save percentage in this series. 

Now the Canucks have a chance to change things up in Vancouver on Friday night, but will they be able to?