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Quick Links: Upper Deck Trip Giveaway, Prospects in the News

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A  few quick links...

Yesterday, our friends at Upper Deck notified me about a new promotion they are running.  Submit a photo or video to them of why you should be considered the "ultimate fan", and you could win a trip to Toronto to attend the "2011 NHLPA Rookie Showcase."

For more information and to see what some other fans have submitted, click on the following link:

Upper Deck Ultimate Fan Contest


Bobby Sanguinetti looking to make jump to the next level recently interviewed Charlotte Checkers defenseman Bobby Sanguinetti and the youngster said he was feeling good and was excited about this coming season.

"I'm at the age now where I need to put it all together and not just be content with being good offensively or defensively," said Sanguinetti, who signed a one-year, two-way deal with the Hurricanes last Friday. "I'm just going to go out there and play my game and rely on my instincts. Obviously, I'm an offensive guy and that's what I'm always going to be, but I just need to make sure I'm good on both sides of the puck."

Sanguinetti had hip surgery during the season last year, but says that he is now fully recovered.

"It was tough -- more mentally than anything," Sanguinetti told "I had a really good camp and thought I'd maybe get a chance to play (with Carolina). Going down pretty early in the season was tough. I'm just trying to put that behind me now. I'm healthy and ready to get back at it."

For more info, visit

Sanguinetti ready to realize potential with 'Canes - - Prospects
Former first-round pick Bobby Sanguinetti got a taste of the NHL with the Rangers, but now wants to earn a full-time job for the Hurricanes.

Also another link here:

Blogs Bettor: Make or break season for Sanguinetti


Murphy looking to follow in Skinner's footsteps

Speaking of defensemen, there was also a Ryan Murphy article yesterday on Fox News Sports.   The youngster was first questioned about conditioning camp and this is what he had to say:

"It was what I expected," said Murphy. "I heard it was going to be a tough four days and it was. We had a lot of good workouts. We had a lot of fun as well. They killed us but it was a learning experience."

Of course, Jeff Skinner's name popped into the conversation.

"They did such a good job in making Jeff into a complete hockey player." said Murphy. "Not to say he wasn't in Kitchener, but they made him into a better hockey player there in Carolina."

When asked if he could make the team this training camp, the rookie did not rule it out.

"They haven't said to me that I won't be playing on their team next year," he said, "but they haven't said I'm going to be on the team yet."

For the entire article, click the following link.

Fox News Sports, Ryan Murphy to follow in Skinner's shoes?


Whalers looking for big season from Austin Levi

And yet another article about a Carolina defensive prospect.  The Plymouth Whalers coaching staff is looking for top pairing minutes from blueliner, Austin Levi.

"The thing about Austin is there aren’t many better skaters in the league, defensively.  He can keep up with most forwards, so we’re never afraid to put him out there to try to shut down the other teams’ top players.  He does a very good job at that.  This year, we’ll be able to work on his offensive game and he’ll be able to help our forwards a little more."

Check the rest of the story at the following link:

Plymouth Whalers Austin Levi Ready to get going


Buy a team and the fans will come?

I criticized new Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula for a couple of his team's signings this free agency period, (namely Christian Ehrhoff's 10 year deal), but maybe Pegula is crazy like a fox?  Buffalo, a team which has had good attendance in recent years, is reporting that they broke a record in season ticket renewals this season, at 99%. 

As a result, the Sabres capped total season ticket sales at 15,200 and for the first time in their history, they are capping mini plan sales. 




Are they still selling tickets in Atlanta?

 Finally, something I found incomprehensible.  Some Atlanta Thrasher fans are still trying to get season ticket deposit refunds.  Of course, what can you expect from a franchise that was selling season ticket packages a day before the press conference occurred which announced the team's official relocation to Winnipeg?

Fans who had already put down deposits for their season tickets are now getting a runaround, and the team owes each anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

"It's just been one excuse after another. Where's my money at? Where's my refund? It's been well over a month from the time it was guaranteed to be sent back to me," a fan complained to TV station WBS.

Someone seems to have decided that hockey fans in Georgia weren't disappointed enough already.

Ain't that the truth.

Has Gary Bettman fallen asleep at the wheel or does he care?

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