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Puck Daddy's Top 25

In case you've missed it, Sam McCaig from Puck Daddy has been publishing the top 25 players to watch next season, for every position.  The Hurricanes did not place anyone in the top 25 on defense, left wing, or right wing and did not even get an honorable mention in any of those positions.

But Cam Ward placed number eight on the goalie list and teammate Eric Staal also placed eight on the list of centers.  Interesting that Jaromir Jagr is included but Jeff Skinner and Tuomo Ruutu are not in the top 75 forwards worth watching this coming season. 

No Reason to Fear Another Lockout?

While some are predicting a bitter battle next offseason when things get serious regarding a new CBA, Adam Proteau of THN thinks that things won't be too bad. 

For starters, the war over the NHL’s salary cap – the central issue behind the 2004-05 lockout season – is long ended. There is no going back to a time without cap restrictions and everybody, Fehr included, knows it.

My take?  Salary cap or not, the owners will try to get as much cash as they can from the players by reducing their percentage of profit as well as their length of contracts.  They could try to take away even more.  Things could get ugly.

More from Proteau at The Hockey News.


Team USA versus Team Canada in Cary

Did you get excited there for a second?  Well, it's women's baseball, not hockey, but it still might be worth a trip to the USA Baseball National Training Complex in Cary on August 3.  The USA team will scrimmage at 4, there will be a Networking Event from 5 to 7:30, then USA and Canada battle it out, with the winners drinking beers on the field in celebration afterward. (and then again, maybe not)

If you make it to the Networking Event, say hello to our friends in the Canadian ExPat booth, mention that you are from "Canes Country", and you will score some free drink tickets.  (I'm told there will be free food too).  The Hurricanes should have some representation and a booth there as well. 

For more info, check out the following PDF flyer.

USA Canada Extra Innings Event

(If you can't make it on Wednesday night, the teams will be playing each other several games during the week.)


Finally, I will be on vacation for the next week, enjoying the pristine shores of Lake Ontario.  The rest of the crew will be keeping things up to date in my absence.  A big thanks to them!  Later!