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Notes at Noon: Updates For Wednesday

Vacation is officially over and it's time for this blogger to get back to work. Once again, I'd like to thank our hardworking contributors who so aptly filled in during my absence.

Let's start things off with a couple of links which might be of interest.

The NHL is thinking about tinkering with the rules again and will do some experimenting during a research camp next week. Some of the rules they will be looking at include:

  • no touch icing
  • hybrid icing
  • alternative OT variations
  • shootout variations
  • faceoff variations
  • remove trapezoid
  • allowing hand passes, all zones
  • no shorthanded icing permitted
  • use of robotic cameras
  • wireless microphones for refs

For more information, check out the article by Travis Hughes at SBN Hockey.

The Hurricanes Booster Club is hosting an event soon here in Raleigh for all NHL booster clubs. General information, as well as the agenda, is posted on the NHL booster site. NHL Booster Clubs

An outsider's perspective is provided by the following Islanders blogger.

NHL Booster Club Convention – Raleigh NC " Eyes On Isles

Good luck to the Booster Club!


What's coming up? We will be completing the exit analysis reports within the next few days, including one for Paul Maurice, then will get into previewing the coming season. There are a few other interesting projects coming up soon as well.

Finally, I'll close this out with a couple of announcements. First of all, Carolyn and Brian will soon be promoted from "contributor" status, to "editors". Both have done a very good job and their hard work is greatly appreciated.

Also, Canes Country recently celebrated it's 5th anniversary. Time really goes by fast! The blog has changed a lot over the years and we wouldn't be where we are today without the help of many different people along the way, from our very beginning, to the present time. A big thank you to everyone who has offered their help over the years.

Of course, the blog would also not be successful without the loyalty of our readers. So, thank you all for continuing to visit our site on a regular basis and we look forward to serving you for the next five years!