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Skinner, Harrison, Terry & Peters training at Exclusive Toronto Camp this week

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You know the name Gary Roberts, whether you're a Carolina Hurricanes fan from the Greensboro years, or if you have heard about the Jeff Skinner's recent summer training program. Roberts and Mike Nichol, former strength trainer for the Toronto Maple Leafs, are partnering this week to run an exclusive training camp for NHLer's. The BioSteelSports Camp is in its second year and brings together about 40 hockey players for the week, to teach them their particular method, which is considered among the most challenging and comprehensive. It is unique in that it also specifically designed around the demands of playing NHL hockey.

It's no surprise to find out Skinner is one of the participants. What we hadn't heard before is that four others in the Hurricanes' system are also participating in the week of intense training. Jay Harrison, Justin Peters, Chris Terry and the Checkers' Mike McKenzie are working out shoulder to shoulder some of the best known and most talented hockey players in the League, including names like Steven Stamkos, Tyler SeguinMike Cammalleri, Paul Bissonnette. A story from James Mirtle of the Globe and Mail this afternoon provides a full list of Team Nichol and Team Roberts: Which NHLers are training at the BioSteel camp?  plus they have a few photos here.

Picture this: Jay Harrison and Chris Terry in the best possible NHL condition. How does that adjust your thinking about which Canes will shine this season?

After the jump, a couple videos of days 1 and 2 produced by the BioSteel marketing team (and marketing is an inescapable aspect of BioSteel, which makes an energy/sports drink of the same name). 

You'll see Jeff Skinner's name in the Day 1 video. Look for Justin Peters (very quick) right after Bissonnette (around the 1 minute mark of Day 2).

If you see Harrison, Terry, or McKenzie, please make a note of where in the comments. Someone mentioned Jared Staal might be there too - since he was with Terry and Skinner as part of the Roberts program at some point over the summer, that would certainly make a lot of sense. Neither Peters' nor Staal's name is on the G&M list. 

Day 1



Day 2