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Another Day, Another Scrimmage, But Intensity Is Building

Carolina Hurricanes Tim Gleason and Justin Soryal drop the gloves during a team scrimmage on Tuesday, September 20, 2011. (photo by Jamie Kellner)

The Carolina Hurricanes held another scrimmage today and have more scheduled for this week, one each for Wednesday and Thursday.  If by chance you didn't think there was enough intensity in Sunday's Red/White game, the players ramped things up a bit today.

At one point, Justin Soryal and Tim Gleason apparently gave each other dirty looks and dropped the gloves to settle things.  Soryal accumulated over 200 penalty minutes in the AHL last season and will be looked upon to police things in Charlotte.  He was perhaps looking to show the Carolina coaching staff that he could play the same role in Raleigh, if needed. 

Whatever the reason behind it, the skirmish fired up the rest of the players and both sides skated with a bit more purpose after that.

Paul Maurice stated after the practice that he would not want to see 10 of those during camp, but he does like at least one of them. 

"They came out with more energy in the second, and after, it was on for awhile," Maurice said. "That’s what you need to have happen. It was great."

The scrimmage ended with the score tied 3-3.  According to various reports on Twitter,  Jussi Jokinen, Tomas Kaberle, Bobby Sanguinetti, Justin Shugg, Cedric McNicoll, and Victor Rask had the goals.

The players will be back on the ice tomorrow with a practice session at 10 a.m. and a scrimmage at noon.  For more information about today's action check out Michael Smith's writeup at and Chip's article on Canes Now.  See more of Jamie's pics of the Gleason/Soryal throwdown at her Flicker Account.