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Canes Country Radio 1/6/12 - Guests: Jeremy K. Gover and Dave Droschak

It's been way too long since I had time to do a Canes Country Radio episode, so this week you get two for the price of one.

In the first segment, we talk to Jeremy K. Gover of, previewing the Canes' only trip to Tennessee this season as they face the Predators in Nashville tomorrow night.

Secondly, we talk to's Dave Droschak, who is probably the most opinionated man on press row and a great guy to boot. Dro doesn't pull any punches, ever, even taking the press meal to task when it's subpar. With that kind of introduction, you just know he's got some good stuff on the current state of the Canes, and he doesn't disappoint.

You can listen to Canes Country Radio now in the Flash player at, through iTunes or by subscribing in your RSS reader.