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Checkers to no longer use "Rock N Roll (Part 2)"

A rather interesting press release made its way into the Canes Country mailbox this afternoon. The Charlotte Checkers announced that they will no longer use "Rock N Roll (Part 2)" as their celebration anthem after Checkers goals "due to the circumstances surrounding former performing artist Gary Glitter". I'm not going to bother going into those circumstances because they're well-known and rather lewd, but feel free to Google if you'd like.

Now, for the moment, the Hurricanes still have "RNRP2" in their rotation, although it isn't regularly played - usually only after a goal in a blowout. So, with that in mind, three questions:

  1. Did the Checkers make the right call in dumping "RNRP2"?
  2. What should be the replacement song? (Note that anyone suggesting Satriani's "Crowd Chant", which is played at so many arenas that it might as well be called "Rock N Roll Part 3", will be tarred and feathered.)
  3. Should the Canes follow suit in taking "RNRP2" off their playlist?
The release from the Checkers is below the jump.


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Due to the circumstances surrounding former performing artist Gary Glitter, the Charlotte Checkers have discontinued all uses of the song Rock N Roll (Part 2), effective immediately, including the team’s goal celebration. The Checkers will use alternative songs in the meantime and will involve fans in the choosing of a new goal celebration song at a later date.