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TiqIQ Carolina Hurricanes Ticket Giveaway


Would you like a chance to win a $100 voucher for Carolina Hurricanes tickets? One of our sponsors, TiqIQ, is making it possible.

All you have to do is "like" the Canes Country Facebook page as well as the TiqIQ Facebook page, then guess the average number of saves per game that the Carolina goalie will make in the next three games, and you could win. Leave your guess on the TiqIQ Facebook Wall. (the deadline is March 1st at 7 p.m.)

Here is some other news from TiqIQ:

With the Hurricanes playing host this week, Canes Country has some good deals on ticket prices via our ticket partner, TiqIQ. As a reminder, the best deals on 'Canes tickets can be found within our site, right here:

For the Predators / Hurricanes game on Feb 28th, the average ticket price is $26. Through TiqIQ's "make an offer" feature, fans can "score" even better deals: Offer $8 for a "1 star" ticket that usually sells for nearly $33 after fees. But move fast, as this discounted deal expires Monday night: Make an offer today:

For the Rangers vs Hurricanes on March 1st, the average ticket price currently sits at $64. Offer $16 for a "1 star" ticket to score more than 50% off. This deal expires on Weds, so make an offer today:

When the Lightning come to Carolina on March 3rd, the average ticket price is $101. Offer $19 for a "1 star" ticket. This expires Friday, so fast break to the offer page, here:

To win free tickets -- or, money towards the purchase of tickets -- participate in our contest this week: Like BOTH Canes Country and TiqIQ on Facebook. Then on the TiqIQ Facebook wall, predict the average number of saves per game the Hurricanes goalies will have this week in the games against the Predators, Rangers and Lightning. The deadline for entry is Thurs, March 1st. In turn, TiqIQ will contact the winner -- if there is one -- by March 5th.

Again, for your best ticket deals for this week's games, check out the following links:

- Predators @ Hurricanes 2/28:
- Rangers @ Hurricanes 3/1:
- Lightning @ Hurricanes: 3/3:

A big thank you to our friends at TiqIQ for this promotion and good luck everyone!