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Offseason Plans

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It is going to be another long one, but most of you familiar with the blog over the years know that we do not hibernate during the offseason at Canes Country. To ensure that we stay as active as we have in the past, we have enlisted the help of three new contributors. Please welcome Corey, from The Shut Down Line, as well as C-Leaguer and PackPride17 to the staff.

Our goal is to have fresh content on a daily basis here. Soon, we will start with our ever popular Exit Analysis reports where our readers get to grade each of the Hurricanes and the coaching staff. As always, we'll be running mock drafts and a lot of draft analysis leading up to the end of June. We will also have some opinion pieces, statistical analysis, and perhaps some general ideas of what the club should do in the future, focusing on possible trades and free agent acquisitions. Of course, we will be reporting any breaking news that happens to come up as well.

Tim Donelli will continue helping us with our coverage of the Charlotte Checkers and we will be following them closely until their season is over.

We really appreciate the fact that our readership helps to keep things current with informative Fanposts and comments as well. We will be sending popular Fanposts to the front page or ones that we think deserve some extra attention.

I know it has been slower than normal here for the past couple of months but we are taking steps to correct that and look forward to even better coverage next season. A big thanks to all of you who actively participate and who come back here on a regular basis.

If anyone has questions or suggestions feel free to email me at